Conquer the market
Build your legacy

Take as much from the markets as possible, while yielding little back 

Take as much from financial markets

as you can while yielding little back

Reap the rewards you deserve

You haven’t just worked hard, you’ve worked smart. You’ve fought for yourself, your family, and the causes you believe in… earning, saving, and investing to create a financial legacy that will allow you to protect your family from an uncertain world.

And while you’ve achieved more than most people ever dream of, you’re not done yet. It’s time for you and your financial legacy to fight on… not retreat.

You can’t risk being complacent with the success that you’ve achieved and the wealth that you’ve built, not at this stage of your life.

And while you still want to enjoy above average returns, you don’t want the risks that are so often associated with market volatility. And you definitely don’t want to work with a typical advisor that places your money in a model portfolio and just rides the market up, and down. That leaves you exposed to huge market losses, think 2000 and 2008.

You want someone smart, you want to work with the market authority, someone with the market expertise that can strive to actually make money for you during market corrections and crashes.

That’s why we created Spartan Equity. We don’t believe in the buy and hold approach to wealth management, riding the markets up and riding them down. We are in the markets daily, fighting to create wealth for you, fighting to build your legacy. And not just when the markets are going up, but also when they are coming down

Bill Geiger of Spartan Equity-Financial Consulting Services, Investment Expert

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Bill Geiger of Spartan Equity-Financial Consulting Services, Investment Expert

As Seen & Heard On

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Meet Our Founder

As the Founder, and Chief Investment Officer of Spartan Equity, Bill oversees all aspects of portfolio management, trading operations and client services. Discover how Bill’s 40+ years of investment experience and thought leadership led to the creation of Spartan Equity. 

As Founder and CEO of Spartan Equity, Bill oversees all aspects of portfolio management, trading operations and client services.

Bill has over 35 years of investment experience. He spent over a quarter of a century in and around Washington, DC. where he earned degrees in Macroeconomics and Finance and learned how changes in the U.S. Government’s Fiscal and Monetary Policy affect the economy, affect investor psychology and affect the markets. He learned first-hand, in real-time, how governmental policies can dramatically affect both the economy and the markets. He learned how to use this knowledge to protect client portfolios from large losses while at the same time making outsized returns in both bull and bear markets.

Uncover Cutting Edge Insights And Strategies

At Spartan Equity, we strive to protect and grow your wealth by using proprietary strategies based upon an in-depth understanding of current macro-economic forces and underlying market trends and the ability to opportunistically capitalize on this knowledge. Discover the details of our unique strategies and how they serve our clients. 

Discover Founding Investor Opportunities

We currently have limited opportunities for a small number of qualified, high-net-worth investors. Schedule a private call today to discover more about our exclusive fee structures for founding members. 

We believe that momentum in markets, in either direction, can drive superior performance and strongly contribute to reducing risk.


Our core values are focus, conviction, discipline and integrity that are driven by vision and mission.


We are laser-focused on market dynamics, macroeconomics, and both market and individual securities momentum to identify high conviction investment opportunities and entry points. 


We only enter investments that “fit” our investment process where we are convinced that there is a very high probability of success. 


We value and operate our firm with honesty, even when the truth is inconvenient. We value and respect our investors’ life experiences and appreciate the trust they’ve placed in us. We strive to be good and responsible stewards of their wealth. We adhere to strongly held moral and ethical principles. We keep our promises. 


We’ve honed our investment strategy and process over the past 40+ years, during periods of market melt-downs, rabid bull markets, war and a pandemic. We understand what works and what doesn’t, and we adhere to the rules we developed that have served our investors well over time.